Global Citizen Corps

There was this youth program called Global Citizen Corps by Mercy Corps Indonesia. I randomly found┬áthis leadership training when I surfed on the internet in 2010. I tried to apply and I got accepted. I never joined this kind of training or program before, my parents didn’t believe this since I found it on internet….

You Are Strong Because You Are Different

Climate change keeps widening the effects, it is not only about the change of the climate that affects farmers, fishers, but also economy, health, education, and almost every aspect of our lives. Living in Southeast Asia makes us one of the most vulnerable communities in the world. I see that some parties are aware and…

Global Power Shift by

It was 2 years ago when I got an e-mail that says I was chosen to be one of the representatives from Indonesia to go to Istanbul, Turkey for Global Power Shift by . I see that environmental and climate change issue is real and it has been happening around the world for ages….