Growing up in an Indonesian-Chinese family has taught her to be disciplined, work hard, and be responsible of her actions. From her parents, she learned that life would be hard but it doesn’t mean life has to stop, we have to be stronger instead. From her older brother, she learned that anger is not the solution to any problem, but a little patience is.

As she was exposed to MDGs in 2010 by Mercy Corps Indonesia through Global Citizen Corps Programs, she finally had her eyes open and since then she developed her passion in social issues, especially on sustainability development. She has been applying her commitments on reducing carbon footprint from her day-to-day actions. More than that, she also has taken bigger move, from developing local communities to becoming part of the global movement together with hundreds to thousands of people around the world to combat climate change.

She believes that passion can’t work without building capacities. So she threw herself in so many different opportunities to learn things that she likes, from public speaking, producing videos, to digital media. Then she finally started her professional work in digital media and keep walking on the same path until now. Through various industries she has been exposed to for over 9 years, it provides her many different perspectives in approaching the audience.

Coming with those experiences, capacities, and believes, she aspires to inspire and develop other people or communities to sustainable lifestyle through digital media.

Find her portfolio here.

live with something or leave with nothing” -Cinthya

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