WATER (Wash Territory)

This picture was taken when I was doing my mid term test for photography subject in water sourceKebun Raya Bogor, Bogor, Indonesia.

Anyway, the reason why I gave “WATER (Wash Territory)” as the title above is because I think water is used for washing. But not only wash clothes, plates, or other, but also ‘wash’ our body with pure and clean water, even it can ‘wash’ our mind. Because as I know, mineral water contains of oxygen which can help us to think and work with our brain and body. So yeah, then a word ‘WATER’ becomes Wash Territory for me 🙂

And in life, water is one of the most important part. Life without water, can you imagine that? It’s just like head without neck, which means you can do nothing without it, it relates the head and our body. Especially in Indonesia, nowadays water isn’t treated so well. As we can see that the water is getting turbid, it smells worse, and hard to find pure and clean water. Even everyday I shower, wash clothes, and everything with that kind of water. What a pity!
It’s all caused of river, lake, and brook that are filled with trash and waste. Even when people go somewhere by ship, they often throw the trash down into the sea. I believe that basically everyone knows it can make the water gets worse, but they just don’t care. Looking around outside, throwing trash becomes one thing that is an ordinary thing to do, and the others who keep the trash until they see the bin are becoming strangers. We can’t keep that situation keeps on going like that!

Water really helps everyone to get healthier. The more mineral water we consume, the healthier we’ll be. But what if we drink water that smells not good, that is turbid, dark? Can we get healthier? NO! So guys, please keep everything around you well, love the environment just like we love our family, so we can earn clear water, pure mineral water, and of course we’ll get a heathy body and great mind to be lived with.

You guys want to live happily, right?
Happiness comes from healthy body.
So keep your body healthy with clean and pure mineral water!


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