National Spelling Bee – Indonesia

EF National Spelling Bee has been the biggest annual event for EF English First in Indonesia. Through this event, we aim to build more confidence within Indonesian students in speaking English in public. This event is made for elementary and junior high school students all around Indonesia. They are divided into 4 age groups (Elementary 1-2, Elementary 3-4, Elementary 5-6, and Junior High School 1-3). It started regionally, spread out in 34 different cities where our EF centers exist. Then, the 3 winners from each group will be invited to the national event in Indonesia.

I have been managing this project for two years now. I worked together with different teams in different EF centers (franchisees) in promoting the regional and national event. In 2019, we had 78 EF centers all around Indonesia, and we gained 22% participation in regional event. While in the national event, we increased 10% participation and 12% guests compared to 2018. The national event in Jakarta reached almost 2,000 in total of guests and participants and almost 30 media coverage.

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