Formed after I graduated from Global Citizen Corps Program by Mercy Corps Indonesia. It came randomly when my friends and I were sitting by the hallway and chatting if we could do something meaningful to the social life.

It was my first time to lead a big number of people (at least it was big number for me). We started from around 6 people and got bigger to (at least) 15 people. I wasn’t sure if I could do it but I wanted to give it a try, beside… my friends believed in me. So I took that responsibility for a year.

Not many people in the campus liked our community, cause we stood for something against the common rule (e.g. we demanded smoking-free campus). So, we tried to approach Director of Communication Faculty and University Director to support us in legality and policy development in the campus. Fortunately, not even the support that we earned but also trust to do launching during the 3-day orientation time for freshmen.

Below, you can see some pictures of us, time to time, in building Greenation in the campus and trying to share impact boarder than campus area. We upcycled trash into poster, decoration, trash bin, storage, etc. We planted, shared free seeds, created talkshow with the experts, exchanged plastic bags to goodie bags for free. More than that, we had #CleanGeek team who became the initiator for #CleanCampus by leading the cleaning operation bi-weekly.

P.S. For those who wonder how we could run all this, we did both conservative and modern ways of fundraising –getting some donor, buy-sell-earn, and crowdfunding through social media.

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