Global Citizen Corps

There was this youth program called Global Citizen Corps by Mercy Corps Indonesia. I randomly found this leadership training when I surfed on the internet in 2010. I tried to apply and I got accepted. I never joined this kind of training or program before, my parents didn’t believe this since I found it on internet. They were worried that this would be some kidnapping act. But I tried so hard to make sure them that it was okay and I have checked everything.

Like 2-3 days before the day I should go to Bogor to join the training, a motorbike accident happened to me, caused me not to be able to walk properly for weeks. And I kept pushing my parents that this training would worth it and I was fine. And not for a second I regretted my decision that time.

There I learned how to be a leader, I learned to have confidence in doing everything, I learned global social issues. I first heard MDGs at this training. Also the first time I realized about social issues that have been happening around the world and we -youth- need to/ can do something about it. I met many amazing youngsters at this training, I was ashamed that I knew nothing about what they talked about. On the other side, I maximized the time I had there to learn everything they taught.

The training was managed for 5 days, but the whole program was for one year to finally get the recognition. We were required to do at least 3 social actions, we could do it together with other leaders or we could create our own team. I had one with other Global Citizen Corps Leaders, and the other two were with my own team that I built in campus. And finally it came to the graduation time.

I should admit that the whole Global Citizen Corps Program (training, trainers, and friends) taught me well to be someone I am today.

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