Global Power Shift by

It was 2 years ago when I got an e-mail that says I was chosen to be one of the representatives from Indonesia to go to Istanbul, Turkey for Global Power Shift by . I see that environmental and climate change issue is real and it has been happening around the world for ages. What’s stupid is that in this urgent situation, many people with financial power are so greedy that they forget how the world would be if they keep doing what they do. This is the reason why I am so positive and support all direct and indirect actions in combating climate change issue.

IMAG0713I am personally driven to join in because I want to know more people, see and understand the success stories from others in around the world, and more importantly is to arm myself with more skills to make actions in my community. Apparently, from June 24 to June 30 (2013), I got more than what I wished for. It let me to understand how people from around the world see and handle this issue, but at the same time also keep us (East Asian) in focusing the problems we have in our countries which are similar.

Participating in a climate march in Turkey was not my expectation at all, I never really went down the road to protest anywhere in the world, but I did in Turkey, haha. It was a very long way to finally reach the end point, but people were so energized. So that is another additional value I got; joining climate march (for the first time, haha)!


Writing a blog is totally not enough to express and share the experiences I had that time and how it afforded me beyond skills. Hopefully some of the pictures from the summit can help me to picture it better..

IMAG0723taking picture of someone taking picture Breakfast with The Indonesian Team  350 Indonesia Digital Track Team EAST ASIA! (outdoor)


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