Indonesian Youth Climate Society

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Indonesian Youth Climate Society (IYCS) was first initiated by Indonesian delegates for ASEAN Power Shift 2015 in Singapore. As many organizations and communities are combating climate change through different actions and approaches, we see there is this little tiny string that connects all of us that some us still ignore it. We all have the same goal, that is to fight global climate change. When climate change itself happens because of a complex chain of causes that affect many aspects in our lives. And all that causes are actually connecting to each other.

Then we finally came to the idea to create a platform to connect people, organizations, communities, government, even private sectors to support on each other and create a bigger impact to the nation. We believe that STRENGTH is a collaboration between you and me. Visioning a synced collaboration in actions and approaches motivates us to make this platform happen.

I personally want to invite you guys to join the power that we’d build together to fight climate change. Let’s get connected on our Facebook Page.




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