Photo Contest – Teaser


As I work in digital media, I apply strategy differently, depending on the sender, platform, and receiver (market). Looking at Tricks’ identity and its new existence, it needs a good shout out about its brand. Tricks is spread out well in convenience stores in Jakarta, so we should see the behavior of people in Jakarta that is also in the circle where Tricks targets it. Instagram has been a hip digital platform lately in Jakarta, people who take picture increase, visual people finally have a place to show off.

So I come to an end to engage people through photo contest that comes with interesting prize. Not only that, but I also need to manage the network flow in every platform and every page. Below is the teaser video…

This video is created by Theliyono. He is part of the Digital Marketing at Tays Bakers. He is a rookie in digital media, but an active user of Adobe After Effects and Premiere. I would say he is one of a kind in creative thinking, cause you might not understand his idea. Voice and picture taking took only around one hour in total, that was done by me and Theli. Compiling all visual data and voice took one day alone.

Some supporting pictures and vectors in the video come from Angelica. She is a food enthusiast and has good creative sense. A crackerjack Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator user. This contest is promoted and run around online media. All platforms we have are run by Nana. It requires you to be constant and active all the time in online media. And she is tirelessly working on that day to day.

We haven’t got the result yet how this contest goes, that is why you should join the contest! You might be the winner! Go get yourself a new year’s prize, like these people have tried

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