To Love To Educate

As Global Citizen Corps Leader, we were required to make real actions in order to succeed the whole 1-year training by Mercy Corps Indonesia. I created my own team from Budi Luhur University, people with the same heart and calling to make social impacts. It was 4 of us; me, Chika, Cida, and Eva.

Coincidentally, I was working part time at ILP Ciledug as a teacher and we always made Valentine’s Day celebration every year. As Valentine’s Day has a meaning to share love, it can be a good time for ILP to make their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). We invited a primary school nearby, some local media, and facilitator to lead the talkshow about education. It was all funded by ILP Ciledug. ILP Ciledug has their unique way in teaching English, and we emphasize on that in forming the event. We made 3 different booths, and 3 different sessions, where they can learn in a fun way.

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