Decide NOW!

As the time is going, the wheel is turning, a foot can’t stop taking steps. Life won’t stop even when you pause to take a step. There is always a risk in deciding what to do when the clock is still ticking. There is a risk in taking a step forward, there is a risk in taking a step back, and also there is a risk when you even stop taking a step for a while. Whatever the risk is, you need to decide what to do in your life.

Deciding equals 50% possibility to the safe part and 50% possibility to the unsafe one. To increase the percentage of possibility to the safe part, we need to go through a long process in understanding the environment. We need to recognize and understand where we live, what kind of place that is, who the people around are, what type of people they are, what things are there around us, and so on and so on, as many information as we can get. That long process doesn’t need the formal research, only being sensitive with what’s going on around.

Until then, you can predict more about what will happen if you do this, what will happen if you do that. What risk will you get, what chance you will have, and so on. And ta-daaaa, you can decide what to do now!

Simple theory!

on feet

Have fun with your life, folks!



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