The Voice of The (H)eart(h)

Like you want me to keep you safe under the roof, with enough food and tools to live, I also want you to watch me, to understand what I need.


But you are there to complete my needs. I need to live happily and instantly, so I need you to complete my robots, factories, and all technologies that can support what I do.


We all have got limitation, that’s why you and I exist, we are supposed to support each other, we need each other. You can’t ask me to support you endlessly, when you don’t support my life.


So how can I complete my needs?! Every single little thing that sticks to my life is consisted by you. What I wear, what I eat, drink, and everything can affect your life. I’m sorry but I need it to continue my life.

That’s why I exist, to help you complete your life. But when the effect happens to my life, sorry to say, but it will affect your life too. When I don’t have trees, water, your life will be as miserable as I am. You won’t have good air to breath, clear water to consume, you won’t even live in a good weather. In the end, you are dying with the unhealthy life and circumstances.

Pick the way of your life! Choose the one that you think will be good for you today and the future, you don’t live only for a day, but for a long time, and you don’t live alone, but you’ve got friends and families that you should think about. You decide…



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