#CarFreeDay Is Malfunctioning

Two years ago, I joined on #CleanUpJakartaDay in Kemang. This year, 2015, on October 18, I volunteered again to be the #CleanUpHero for the same event, but I chose to be located in Jalan M.H. Thamrin. The event was held on Sunday, which means it’s Car Free Day in some areas in Jakarta, including the area I was located.

After a while I hadn’t been to Car Free Day, I finally went back there again for the event. And I saw it so different with the last time I was there. This time, I saw street vendors, I saw stalls, and of course I saw more trash, especially on the area where people sit and eat (too bad I didn’t get to picture those people who just throw the trash everywhere due to low-battery 😦 ).







All this time, I thought Car Free Day is a campaign to promote about reducing emission. I thought at least people could keep this Car Free Day time clean. Turns out, not only people drive their vehicles to the Car Free Day’s border areas, people also sell things on the side of the street and throw the trash on the same place where they buy it (on the street). I saw people who come there with an objective to enjoy the fresh air and workout are lessening, but more people to do campaigns and businesses. Now I see this as Pasar Kaget (close meaning: Sudden Market).

To people who live in Jakarta and have ever been to Car Free Day, what do you guys think?

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