Blessed Are The Procrastinators

I can never think of any reason why people delay to do something that they know they need to finish it soon. I don’t understand why people could come at 5 when they promise to come at 3. Do they even speak the language? Do they hear what they say? Do they understand a word ‘three’? Some of you now might say ‘YES, I DON’T UNDERSTAND EITHER!’ and some others might say ‘Oh yeah of course, why I should come at 3, when I can relax and come at 5’.

WaitAfter so much annoyance, I once wondered if procrastinators are happier than me, so I googled it and found this article about Frank Partnoy’s book. Unfortunately, he wrote a book called Wait: The Art and Science of Delay. And I was like, uh-oh, what I was thinking might be true. Simple theory from is, we people who don’t procrastinate will get annoyed by the people who delay tasks. On the other hand, they don’t care if you’re angry, annoyed, pissed, or anything, they are that chill you know.

They tend to be more relaxed, as they take time to think, to work, and pretty much do anything. Frank Partnoy believes that we can wait until the last possible moment to decide. In that way, he thinks that it is not a negative thing to be active procrastinator, because active procrastinators don’t run from the responsibility but they manage the delay instead. Sometimes, having delay can clean your mind better to finally do the work better.

Just Do It Tomorrow - Meme

What he explains through the book actually makes sense to me. Though we still can’t have all people like that, we still need people who are discipline with what they do. Somehow rigid people might learn a bit from procrastinators, to be more relaxed and chill, so that they can lessen the possibility to be stressful. As stressful can lead to all bad things.

So, there you go, procrastinators… You get more excuses to be right.



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