Passing Quarter Life Without Regrets

Almost everyone in the world, male or female, they will have this period of time when they have quarter life crisis (it usually happens in your early 20s). When I was twenty, I was just shocked that suddenly I was no teenage girl anymore. Started to make myself sure that ‘I HAVE TO BE MORE MATURE’. And then…here the crisis came, at the age of twenty two. I started thinking more about how to make more money, what to invest,health, love life, and so on. Everything seemed so complicated, cause I wanted to achieve everything very soon, before I got old. Anyway, I passed that and I’m still alive now. This year is my last chance to make the most of my quarter life.


Growing up means improvement, it means gaining more skills, experiences, meeting more people, in order to achieve the vision we have in life. I finally can see that living a life has the same process like when you make your thesis, or business, or event. It requires vision or goal, research, plans or strategy, action, and conclusion or evaluation.

First thing that you need to do before the crisis comes is to understand that time really flies without you realizing it. So you’d better do what you can in the time being. Use every time you have wisely to develop yourself and life.

Be aware of your interests, your hobbies, your abilities. If you already know what they are, admire them and focus on what you have. Sharpen what you already have. You may have weaknesses, but it shouldn’t be a boomerang for you. Raise your strength to keep your weaknesses fuzzy.

After you understand yourself better, you may start having these pictures of you among people in the world, that’s what goal is. There are no too-big dreams, there are only pessimists, inconsistent people, and babbler. If you see that you can’t do so much in your personal career, but you can see yourself having happy family, then be it. Some people may have dreams to travel, some may focus on personal career, and they all are fine, they all are dreams… they are goals.

Now you know what your dreams are, then combine your dreams and your personality set, see if they match, if they are possible to be done. Some dreams are just temporary feeling of wanting something. Some dreams are true. That is why you need to research if you will be happy by reaching them. You can start by having sometime alone and picturing you having your dreams with you.

If you’rewriting sure about it, start a planMake short term and long term plan, or at least, sort things what you need to do toward the goals to finally reach your dreams. On the way to it, you will get into traffic, sometimes you can pass the toll road, and sometimes you also see pebbles, that’s normal. That is the time to be patient and trust yourself. You will also need to rest, fill the gas for your car, and check on the engine once in a while. That’s the time when you need to improve and develop yourself.

Quarter life should be the line between strategy and action. 25 years should be enough to get to know yourself, your capabilities, your goal. It should be enough also to get the result of your research about how to achieve the goal and set the strategy or plans. I did it all. And I would say I’m proud to realize it earlier, so I could prepare myself to what I would face.

I see some people say that they don't have goals or they don't have dreams. I don't understand how they can walk with no directions, even ants know where they head. Though I shouldn't care much. If they are fine with themselves like that, why I should worry about them. I just feel pity about them walking like they were blindfolded when they actually are not.


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