Yes, You Can Wear Bamboo

Most people know bamboo as a plant. Many know that it can be used for cooking utensils, furniture, and music instruments.








In Indonesia, we use bamboo shoots for food. People in India also use bamboo shoots in some of their dishes. And it’s actually not just for humans, apparently as all people know, it’s somehow always associated with panda.

panda bamboo giphy



But do you know that we can make apparel out of bamboo? Yes, we can. Just to clarify, I don’t mean wearing that long solid stick to wear. I mean the one that is processed from it.



It actually looks the same like all other clothing. Basically it goes the same way like how you make general clothes. There is this process to make it into fibre, yarn and finally fabric to make clothing. And if it’s the same like general clothes, then what’s the point of wearing this bamboo clothes? That’s very true. That is also why we need to take a deeper look about this bamboo clothing.


Bamboo fabric performs well in all temperatures. It also absorbs moisture away from skin that can create bacteria. Basically, bacteria just don’t like to live there. If you are a sport person, this type of clothes can help you to lessen the possibility of being smelly after working out. It’s also very soft and safe for people who have sensitive skin. More than that, bamboo grows much faster than any other type of plants that are used for fabric. When I say much, I mean it can grow up to 10cm in a day. When bamboo can give us so much material in short period and grow it again so fast, there is no reason for us not to wear bamboo.


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