A Meet-Up That Brings The Confidence Back

After a very long time, a fellow #ClimateRanger from Taiwan sent me an e-mail in January, and introduced me to the new 350 Indonesia team, and also inviting me to have a meet-up, together with May Boeve (Executive Director of 350.org) during her short stay in Jakarta.  It was very short but content. In a nutshell, that meeting charged me up and I’ve been feeling very positive about the plan they have. On the same day, they recorded a video of me declaring my commitment (it’s explained below) in taking action using the competences I have.

Let’s a go back a little bit to 2010, when I was exposed to social issues for the first time. I was chosen to join leadership training by Mercy Corps Indonesia. And since that time, I know and believe that climate change is real and WE CAN do something about it. It’s been almost 7 years I’ve learnt about the basic global warming, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, to renewable energy. I didn’t come from science background, or engineering, or politics. Those topics were new to me and they seemed like very heavy at first. I may not be the expert of this issue, but I know what I (at least) can do, and I’m sure you can either.

I see how people in Jakarta are very powerful to help on spreading awareness, positive mind set, and in the end they even can influence people to change to sustainable lifestyle and behaviors. Coming with that belief, I’d like to share what I know through what I can with what I think everyone can do, which is; Using my Instagram (@itscinthya) to promote simple things I do as my sustainable lifestyle. I’ve posted some using #IReduce, will post some others using #IReuse, and see what’s next.

If somehow someday you actually do something that relates to reducing or reusing in your daily life, you can capture and share it on social media using that hashtag too!

You may see some organizations do their part to push new environment policies, attacking corporate, inventing new technology, and so on. And it’s good, and it’s their part. But your part is only to start with what you can now. We’re in an urgent situation, a very little thing you do really matters!



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