Humanizing Your Marketing Strategy

Since the beginning of my formal work as a Social Media person, I always believe that a human connection builds a strong brand which leads to a strong business. And that is something I’ve been applying both on my day-to-day life and at work. When I send an email blast to my colleagues, I like to use a relatable and real situation as a greeting, for example bringing up about the good weather or good view I have from where I sit. Sometimes I also use fun GIF to end the email to ease people’s minds when they read it (because work related emails we receive everyday can be daunting).

We all know that in this digital age, everything comes very fast. Many things have been evolved. From wired things to bluetooth items. 10 years ago, people were crazy about Twitter, and now Instagram and Youtube, and who knows what’s next. 2 years ago people talked about AI, now it’s about FinTech (Financial Technology).

Now, in most of the industries, technology is needed. Either they are to help the physical work, or to help promoting your brand, because that is where the audience is. But I think it is also important to look at this technology as the support. It is important to keep the moral sense and human connection. Especially in the case of covid-19 now, we tend to depend on the digital tools, which is smart. It is even smarter to keep our branding message, our campaign, and all activities we do, to stay humane. So, what is humanizing marketing strategy? Brands are built from humans for humans. When we create marketing strategy, we need to keep the human connection from the brands to the audience.

Imagine your brand as a human. Humans are social creatures, which means they need other people. Imagine this brand human needs to make friends, then what can this brand human do to fully be a social being?

  1. They can introduce themselves – Share about the company, the brand, the organization, the value, missions, the staff, the products or services – This way, the audience can get to know you better. Remember brand is not only about the products or services, but it is the whole thing.
  2. They keep in touch with their new friends – Engage through comment box or live chat. Use real humans to make conversations. Even better, invite some important staff for special occasion or the founder of the brand. – This way, the audience feels respected and alive.
  3. They hang out sometimes and have fun – Build community. Be present at local events or meet-ups. Be part of the flock and blend in. – The audience starts to have stronger trust with you.
  4. If you want people to like you, you have to show that you care about them – Share what you have to help them getting what they need. Make CSR program. Create special products, services, or activities based on their demands. – This makes the audience feels heard and important.

Through this strategy, people will recommend you. Additionally, to complete this plan, remember to have humane strategy too among the staff within the organization. When people are heard and appreciated, whether they are staff or your market audience, they will promote you voluntarily because they trust you.

No matter how advanced we are moving towards, I hope we stay humble and remember to keep our social and moral sense in building any businesses. Peace out!

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