To Love To Educate

As Global Citizen Corps Leader, we were required to make real actions in order to succeed the whole 1-year training by Mercy Corps Indonesia. I created my own team from Budi Luhur University, people with the same heart and calling to make social impacts. It was 4 of us; me, Chika, Cida, and Eva. Coincidentally,…

World Environment Day 2012

  Every year on June 5, we celebrate World Environment Day. In 2012, Greenation created this direct action where we gave free bags to random people in Jakarta. We printed around 250 bags. That might not be a big number, but that was an achievement for us to do fundraising for only a week and…

You Are Strong Because You Are Different

Climate change keeps widening the effects, it is not only about the change of the climate that affects farmers, fishers, but also economy, health, education, and almost every aspect of our lives. Living in Southeast Asia makes us one of the most vulnerable communities in the world. I see that some parties are aware and…

Global Power Shift by

It was 2 years ago when I got an e-mail that says I was chosen to be one of the representatives from Indonesia to go to Istanbul, Turkey for Global Power Shift by . I see that environmental and climate change issue is real and it has been happening around the world for ages….

Fashion Film with GRANDE Communications

  An honor to work with Ian Kamil as the Art Director, Ryoichi Adityo Hutomo as the Videographer, Sharon Clare as the Stylist and myself as the Producer. It was also fun time to work with the 10 models from different countries with different personalities.

Education Project in Bandar Lampung

It’s part of the series we made for ACCCRN (Asian Climate Change Resilience Network) as one of Mercy Corps Indonesia’s programs. We were only 3 people in the team. Most of my works were to manage the team, scheduling, not to mention to create the content, concept, flow, and a little bit of art direction….