Rewind 2017!

My memory is limited but I’ll try to break down my highlight in 2017, so that I can read this in the future and recall those moments πŸ™‚

2017 started with positive spirit. I first met the new team for 350 Indonesia and May Boeve in January. That was also the first time I reconnected again with other #ClimateRangers after a year or even longer than that! It’s so good to see where we are today, having this community called #ClimateRangers where we are allowed to call it our own. Collaborating with other communities and organizations to spread awareness toward the same issue: Climate Change.

Tamires and I decorated Christmas tree at my place in 2014. And in 2017, we celebrated Chinese New Year together! It was her first time celebrating it, since she is a Brazilian. It was more fun having her joining our tradition where you visit family from one house to another, eating a lot of typical Chinese food (pork cooked in various styles). Though she didn’t join the full 2-day tradition, but it was good enough to introduce her to the new culture. Oh, and she bought us matching red tops, since it’s Chinese New Year, duuhh!

In the same month, I also met one of the participants who was part of Global Power Shift 2013. So…yes it’s been 4 years! I don’t think we got in touch much during our participation in Istanbul, but I remember we have talked once or twice (or maybe more). Anyway, she visited Jakarta with her husband, as part of their honey-year (if I’m not mistaken). That’s how we managed to meet again. They took leave and traveled to many different countries for almost a year, to see the world, different cultures, the beauty that Earth has offered, and also to meet some like-minded people in climate change and environment issue.

After years of relationship, I’m happy to be able to witness my very best friend to finally get engaged with her soulmate. It was not a fancy one, but it was done in Javanese tradition with love from the close friends and family. It was a sweet memory in March.

In April, we went to Cirebon just to have some short getaway. Made some new friends, ate one of the best Gurame I’ve ever had, had some fresh air from the less hectic city, and enjoyed every bit of it with the loved one πŸ™‚ Ah, we also visited Keraton Kesepuhan in Cirebon. It’s always good to know the history and culture from the place you visit.

There are two moments to remember from May 2017. It was an honor to be invited as one of the speakers at’s event in Jakarta. I could only speak from my experience, which is taking actions as part of the youth.

Another thing is, exactly on May 2, I took a picture with a dog! Such an achievement to be able to be on the same bed with a dog!Β Wait, actually many things to remember from May 2017. I went to Bali to have bridal shower for my best friend for 3 days, spent another 3 days with strangers-that-become-friends and another 3 days with celebrate my birthday week. During my trip, I stayed in 5 different places, visited over 15 new places in Bali, met more than 15 new people and now I can call at least 7 of them are my friends. I had one of the best breakfast ever that was home-cooked, did various outdoor sports, it was just so good! I have to admit that some melt down happened, but I only want to keep the good memory here πŸ™‚ It was also my first time trying Couchsurfing and went much better than I expected!

June is my birthday and it offered me a lot of food and drink! That’s all I can say!

And the big day has finally come! My best friend’s wedding in July! It was done in Javanese tradition (of course), and it was a new thing for me. In our circle, none of us is Javanese except Wulan and her husband (who also has Batak blood). So it was so funny looking at ourselves dressing like Javanese.

I also ate and drank a lot in August. And I wished to be able to celebrate one of my dear friend’s birthday too, but that didn’t happen. Oh well.

I was so afraid I couldn’t make the trip to Japan because of this and that. More story about Japan here. But I finally made it in September and it also opened my hidden adventurous side in trying out food. Another achievement has been made!

Went to Bandung with office mates in October. After all the fun things we did, it took us 5 frigging hours to get to train station! Even worse, we couldn’t make it in time to catch the train. So we were kinda stuck in Bandung, until our driver offered to rent the car for another day and he could take us back to Jakarta that same night. *LONG SIGHHHHH*

Okay, I should admit that I’m getting tired writing this, haha. So, let’s cut it short, November 27, I slept with the same dog I took a picture with! An improvement!

My brother and I took our parents to Bandung in December. Even I have told myself not to go to Bandung anymore after that disaster that happened to us, but I tried to convince myself that this time wouldn’t be the same, because we went during working days. Long story short, they were very happy!

I didn’t have an amazing Christmas this year, due to work load and somehow people were just out of town, but I had good food and great movie on Christmas day! I guess that’s something I should be grateful for?

This highlight reminds me to cherish every moment and also to thank each of you who made this year more than amazing! Learned so many lessons and proud of many achievements! Shared happiness and experienced many new things together with you! Met many wonderful people whom I admire in many different ways. You know you are one of them πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to what 2018 has to offer πŸ™‚


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